About Us

SEVENTEEN LONDON was founded in 2017 by Laura & Oliver. They wanted to find functional and durable backpacks for their daughters that could be used throughout their school life, while still showing off their individual styles and personalities.

When they couldn't find a design they liked, they decided to create one themselves which sparked the idea of starting SEVENTEEN LONDON. 

The brand developed their first few products in mid-2018, and has been growing ever since.

SEVENTEEN LONDON has now become a global brand with customers from countries all around the world from Germany, to France and Russia and many more. 

Our main office is currently based in Manchester, UK and is run by a small team who are passionate about delivering top quality products and service to our customers.

Here at SEVENTEEN LONDON we aim to create products that are:

• Timeless yet fun and stylish

• High quality and durable to stand the test of time

• Functional and versatile to be used for various occasions and activities